AE Business Solutions works with companies every day that face challenges of balancing the demand for copies of data with the cost of storing that data.  Companies also struggle with delivering that copy data quickly to the teams that need it.  AE Business Solutions, in partnership with Actifio, understands these challenges and delivers on copy data quickly with Copy Data Virtualization.

Through AE Business Solutions’ partnership with Actifio, we enhance Business Resiliency by improving data protection and availability.  Companies that embrace this technology are more agile as they can access the data when and where it is needed.  For companies that wish to move data across data centers or are considering deploying a Cloud initiative, Actifio’s technology easily enable these models.

Actifio solutions deliver powerful business impact through Speed (delivering copy data in minutes versus days), Savings (lower storage costs) and Simplicity (one platform delivering application-centric and SLA-driven results).  

Actifio is the solution.

Actifio is the highly scalable copy data management platform that virtualizes application data to improve the resiliency, agility, and cloud mobility of your business.

It works by virtualizing data in much the same way other technologies have virtualized compute and networking.

How it Works

Actifio Enterprise enables users to capture data from production systems, manage it in the most efficient way possible, and use virtual or physical copies of the the data whenever and wherever they are needed. 


Application data is captured at block level, in native format, according to a specified SLA. A Golden copy of that data is created, moved, and stored once and is then updated incrementally with only the changed blocks of data in an “incremental forever” model. Unlimited virtual copies of the data can then be accessed instantly for any required use, without proliferating physical copies and taking up additional expensive storage infrastructure. 



Today’s enterprise needs to plan for and deliver continuous operations. Yesterday’s ability to recover over time is no longer sufficient for the 24×7 pace of modern organizations. Actifio Enterprise delivers solutions for business resiliency aimed at continuous operations in the face of uncertain events.

Use cases include transforming traditional backup to modernize data protection and deliver near instant data access in the case of a loss or failure, moving beyond reactive disaster recovery to proactive business continuity and resiliency, and enhancing data governance and compliance with data management requirements.


In a data-driven enterprise, the ability to move and provision data rapidly is a key to agile business. Decoupling strategic application data from rapidly commoditizing physical infrastructure is the key to keeping up with constantly growing demands for copies of application data and ensuring faster time to market. Actifio Enterprise delivers solutions for business agility that put data where and when you need it, without taking weeks to provision it and without proliferating expensive infrastructure and storage to support copies of it.

Use cases include provisioning data for development and test data management, feeding data into business insights and analytics processes, and supporting data migrations between diverse infrastructure.



Moving your apps into the cloud won’t do much good if the data that powers them is tied to a 20th century data center. Actifio Enterprise delivers solutions for cloud data mobility that enable you to leverage your data in whatever distributed computing environment makes sense. Actifio is your on-ramp to cloud-based systems, ensuring your data follows your applications wherever they live and is available wherever you need it.

Use cases include data vaulting, full recovery in the cloud, and migration of data across public, private, and hybrid cloud-based systems.