Data is at the heart of today’s interconnected world. It is captured in almost every aspect of our lives. As the growth of data continues to expand so does the use of this data by organizations to better understand
their customers, optimize their supply chain, and much more. Data analysts in the line of business have become the main driving force tasked with utilizing this data to answer more complex business questions.

Alteryx is the market leader in data preparation and data enrichment for business users. Utilize Alteryx to blend in multiple disparate data sources, whether they be file-based, server-based, or cloud-based. Once blended, analysts can easily enrich their data with advanced analytics: predictive, geo-spatial, and social.

How Alteryx Works

Analysts need to access and blend data from many sources to do their jobs. 
Alteryx takes a different approach by offering powerful data blending capabilities in an intuitive workflow that is up to 100X faster than traditional approaches. Alteryx delivers the complete range of data preparation tasks with a drag and drop workflow - no programming required.