AE Business Solutions has been a partner with Aruba Networks for almost a decade.  AE has deployed thousands of Aruba access points and our team of local engineers retains the highest wireless certifications in the industry.

AE agrees with Gartner that Aruba is the market leader in next generation wireless, mobility and access control solutions.  Aruba’s solutions enable our clients to deploy controller-less 802.11ac, high-density campus or corporate 802.11ac, remote single-user 802.11ac and any combination in between.  Aruba also provides industry leadership in multi-vendor wireless management, network access control and mobile/remote worker security to enable seamless migrations to Aruba Networks.  Aruba Networks is clear market leader for secure, scalable and resilient wireless, wired and mobile networks.

AE’s clients are looking to leverage a secure, wireless solution as the future access-layer to their network.  AE and Aruba believe that time is now.  Aruba’s portfolio provides the same resiliency, security and performance once thought only to be offered in a traditional 3 tier wired network.