Attunity CloudBeam is designed for information-driven organizations who want to streamline the migration and incremental loading of Big Data across Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud infractures. Attunity CloudBeam speeds data transfer rates and simplifies process management -- resulting in quantifiable operational improvements andinformation availability. Using Attunity CloudBeam, organizations are rapidly moving data projects to the cloud and accelerating the adoption of hybid cloud strategies.

Attunity CloudBeam is well suited for a variety of business needs, such as:

  • Cloud migrations
  • BI/Predictive analytics
  • Big Data management
  • Content distribution
  • Information availability
  • Disaster recovery


What is Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift?

Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift enables organizations to simplify and accelerate the loading of data and incremental changes from a variety of heterogeneous sources to Amazon Redshift.  Attunity CloudBeam provides enterprise-grade automation, security, monitoring, and performance optimizations. 

Common Use Cases:

  • Initial Ingest to Amazon Redshift
  • Incremental loading of data to Amazon Redshift
  • Migrate data from Traditional or Legacy Data Warehouses

Attunity CloudBeam for Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Attunity CloudBeam for Azure SQL Data Warehouse offers automated and optimized data loading from many enterprise databases into the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse - quickly, easily and affordably. It is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Data warehousing has long been a critical enabler for business intelligence and growth, used by many enterprises to enable Big Data analytics. The Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse brings to market an innovative cloud-based solution that helps reduce the total costs of owning and operating a data warehouse and facilitate growth as data volumes grow.

Attunity CloudBeam helps organizations as they face the challenge of moving large amounts of information from their on-premises data centers into the Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Leveraging high-performance database replication and high-speed data transfer technologies, Attunity CloudBeam facilitates this process. The software supports many source databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase.