Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans

Our DR and BC Plan Development methodology can help safeguard your company in the event of disaster, or simply helps satisfy regulatory-compliance mandates. The plan development methodology includes customized templates, tools, and sample content—which helps you to complete this work quickly and easily, with minimum demands on your executives’ and staff’s time. 

   DR & BC Plan templates. We work with you to develop one or more in-depth DR or BC Plan templates that are customized to your needs, specifications, and IT or Business operations. 

   Development planning. We assist you in identifying a pre-determined number of plan units to simplify the plan-development process, and help you to select the optimal staff to lead the development of each individual plan. 

   Working sessions. We hold one or more highly time-efficient working sessions with your assigned staff members, to walk them through the templates and sample content, and assist as they begin writing.  

Business Impact Analysis

Our Business Impact Analysis (BIA) lays the foundation for your DR Program’s success by placing the responsibility for Disaster Recovery where it belongs—with your company’s Business Leadership. The Business Impact Analysis methodology documents critical business processes, IT service level agreements, and the resulting gaps which may put your organization at risk.  

   Identify objectives. We first interview your company’s business team to identify their Disaster Recovery objectives, assisting them in defining the most essential recovery goals for protecting the financial and operational viability of your company. 

   Develop SLAs. We work with your IT staff to develop realistic Recovery Services Level Agreements (SLAs), walking you through a user-friendly workbook that takes into account hidden obstacles, time-consuming tasks, and intricate network interdependencies. 

   Uncover gaps. Once we gather this data, we analyze it to uncover any gaps between the identified business requirements and your proposed IT service levels. Then we review these gaps to gauge the gaps’ severity and potential impact. 

   Make the business case. We help translate your findings into concepts and terminology that Business Leadership can understand and prepare you to present your strategy to Business Leadership in the clearest and most convincing manner possible.

DR Program HealthCheck

Our Disaster Recovery Program HealthCheck assesses and document your organization’s DR Program. It recognizes the progress your organization has made to date in your DR Program and outlines the next areas to work on improving to ensure maximum preparedness.

   Review Current Program. We first review your current program’s foundation and documentation, ensuring it meets best practices for Disaster Recovery and compliance. 

   Provide Report. We develop a graphical report that provides a snapshot overview of your current DR Program’s successes and areas for improvement. We also explain the different element of DR and compliance best practices relevant to your industry. 

   Create Roadmap. Once we understand where your company sits within DR and compliance best practices, we suggest opportunities for future development - to keep your company’s program on track.