AE Business Solutions sees BlueCat as providing best-of-breed solutions for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) and partners with BlueCat for this very reason.  Clients demand stable, reliable and scalable architectures that run on high-performance platforms and come with industry-leading support.  Welcome to what AE enables with BlueCat.

DNS and DHCP are core services in your environment and when they fail to meet your needs, your business fails.  BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server delivers resilient and highly reliable DNS and DHCP services for your network.  Integrating BlueCat’s IPAM solution with DNS and DHCP provides a single layer of control which further improves efficiency and reduces IT costs. 

AE's Architects are certified BlueCat Professional Services Engineers and work closely with our clients to architect and deploy DNS, DHCP and IPAM solutions that meet client’s current and future business needs.

Elastic Networks are Built on BlueCat IPAM, DNS and DHCP

Enterprises trust BlueCat to build elastic networks that are automated, agile and secure

Connect the Device

The explosive growth of devices creates new security risks and management challenges. IPAM securely connects devices and provides real-time insight into all network connections.

Map the Network

Without a clear understanding of what is connected to your network, you are flying blind. IPAM lets you take control of your network with a real-time view of every device and connection.


Secure the Business

You face evolving threats at all network access points – from mobile malware to applications. IPAM visibility and core services deliver secure network access and an added layer of protection.

Extend the Enterprise

The network is under pressure to support new technologies and rapid growth. To keep pace, you need an IPAM solution that empowers network teams to respond to the evolution of IT.