AE Business Solutions partners with Citrix to deliver high performing Application Delivery Controller (ADC) technology for our clients.  AE recognizes that applications and the environments in which they run have evolved greatly over the last decade.  It is this evolution that has transformed load balancers into application delivery controllers.  Today’s servers don’t provide static content, they are serving up applications that are critical to running your business.  AE acknowledges Citrix as a leader in enabling the delivery of these applications.

Today’s data center environments aren’t just physical, they’re virtual.  Citrix NetScaler technology is available in different options to match today’s business requirements, including virtual network architectures. 

AE’s clients rely on Citrix NetScaler to optimize, secure and control the delivery of business critical applications.  Application performance is maximized by powerful acceleration capabilities which improve the efficiency of the network.  For companies looking to enhance their security posture, AE provides the NetScaler Application Firewall to protect against web application-layer attacks.

NetScaler Platforms

Citrix NetScaler is available in both high-performance hardware appliances as well as flexible software-based virtual appliances that support popular hypervisors and run off-the-shelf servers. 

Managing web applications with multiple gigabits of traffic

Most of the world's largest and highest traffic volume web sites are powered by NetScaler MPX. Emerging cloud computing architectures use the solution to exploit Citrix's massive throughput, fast SSL processing and high-scale data compression while gaining the computing power to run all NetScaler features concurrently.

Load balancing for small enterprises

The same nCore architecture and NetScaler feature set relied on by massive web sites is also available for small to mid-size organizations with MPX models handling up to 1 Gbps of overall performance. Additional midrange models enable organizations to scale via Pay-As-You-Grow licensing from 2 Gbps to 6 Gbps to support growth in online traffic.

Ultra high performance web application security

The nCore-powered, ICSA-certified NetScaler AppFirewall, the industry's fastest, detects application-layer attacks at throughput rates in excess of 12 Gbps. Running on the MPX platform, the NetScaler AppFirewall inspects all bi-directional traffic and leverages a hybrid security model (positive and negative) to protect applications from all types of threats, including cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

Flex tenancy

Flex tenancy architectures manage application delivery using a two-tier approach: A flex tier at the network edge provides services common to all applications running in the datacenter, complemented by a tenant tier providing application-specific application delivery policies implemented in proximity to the application server. The performance and scalability of NetScaler MPX is ideally suited to support the "flex" tier, providing a multitude of services for all applications, including global server load balancing, SSL termination and distributed denial of service (DoS) protection.

NetScaler VPX 

Software-based virtual appliances that run on widely deployed hypervisors and support 10 Mbps to 3 Gbps performance levels.

Architecting private/public cloud infrastructures

The adoption of cloud computing creates significant networking challenges, including the need to provide self-service capabilities and deliver elastic provisioning of application delivery services. As a software-based virtual appliance, NetScaler VPX enables rapid on-demand provisioning in both public and private cloud infrastructures. The solution's RESTful APIs are leveraged by leading cloud providers to develop self-service capabilities and dramatically reduce overall deployment cost.

Utilizing NetScaler within non-production environments

NetScaler VPX can be deployed within development, testing and staging environments, prior to promotion into production. This approach supports an improved assurance process and eliminates the cost and logistics of dedicating physical appliances for use within application development areas. NetScaler policy configurations defined in the development lab can easily be moved into production. The inherent flexibility of the virtual appliance model enables NetScaler VPX to be evaluated as part of the full application lifecycle process.

Architecting scalable multi-tenant infrastructures

In flex-tenancy architectures, application delivery is segmented into two tiers: a flex tier at the datacenter edge for shared network services using NetScaler MPX appliances, and application-specific tenant tiers using NetScaler VPX instances in close proximity to each application. Applications that vary significantly by tenant are optimized via dedicated VPX instances. Policies are tailored to the specific needs of particular tenants—whether they are defined as an application, line of business or user.

Attractive application delivery options for smaller businesses

NetScaler VPX is ideal for small to mid-size businesses to improve widely-deployed applications, such as XenDesktop and XenApp, as well as popular applications including Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint. Support for AppExpert templates enables fast and easy configuration for these and other applications.