Gartner recognizes that a detection and response-only strategy is as flawed as a prevention-only strategy and that the best future endpoint protection will be provided by endpoint platforms that are capable of providing preventive, detective, responsive and predictive capabilities in an integrated solution.  CrowdStrike technology offers this solution.

AE Business Solutions sees CrowdStrike as a pioneer in next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence and services.  CrowdStrike is trusted by some of the largest blue chip companies and three out of four of the top government agencies in the world.  CrowdStrike is led by security experts and industry veterans with over 200 years of relevant experience.

Partnering with AE Business Solutions and CrowdStrike enables you to:

  • Ensure that adversaries do NOT remain undetected in your organization
  • Gain context into activity that requires immediate attention and prioritize resources where they’re needed
  • Deploy one comprehensive solution that provides the best protection saving you time and money

"At CrowdStrike, we are fanatical about protecting our customers by providing endpoint security

solutions that just work." George Kurtz, President/CEO & Co-Founder

How Does CrowdStrike Work?

Malware Submission

Provide malware samples and receive customized and actionable intelligence reporting. 



Detailed technical and strategic analysis of 50+ adversaries’ capabilities, indicators and tradecraft, attribution, and intentions


Actionable Intelligence

Customizable feeds and proactive indicators integrate with existing security infrastructure



Adversary Profiles

Unlimited access to profiles of all adversaries tracked by the CrowdStrike Global Intelligence Team


Tailored Intelligence

Visibility into breaking events that matter to an organization’s brand, infrastructure, and customers