Today’s firewalls are complex and always changing to meet evolving security needs. This can lead to reactive, inefficient security policies that open your network up to risk. With the FireMon platform, you get continuous, real-time visibility into your existing security infrastructure so you can identify redundant, out of date policies. The result is more effective security management, lower cost of operations and reduced exposure to risk.

The Importance of Effective Firewall Security Management

Improved Security

Improved Security

Having detailed visibility into firewall rules and policy effectiveness allows you to clean up outdated or redundant rules and close security gaps. The result: reduced firewall complexity and a lower overall level of risk.

Efficient Operations

Efficient Operations

Knowing how a policy change will impact the network prior to implementation reduces the potential for mistakes and speeds up deployment time, helping you lower operational costs and better utilize resources.

Proactive Response

Proactive Response

Through real-time monitoring and vulnerability mapping, your security team has the situational awareness they need to identify and remediate problematic issues before they evolve into real-world risk.

Security Management

  • Policy Optimization
  • Policy & Behavior Analysis
  • Security Compliance 
  • Change Detection and Reporting 

policy planner

  • Rule Recommendation 
  • What-if Analysis
  • Change Process Workflow 
  • CMS Integration 

POLICY optimizer

  • Policy Optimization Workflow 
  • Rule Recertifcation & Review
  • Rule Removal Workflow  
  • Rule & Policy Whitelisting 

Risk analyzer

  • Vulnerability Prioritization  
  • Attack Path Visualization 
  • Continous Attack Monitoring 
  • Network Gap Analysis