Visibility Matters.  As Enterprise networks become more complex and new security and monitoring capabilities are implemented, a solid and reliable visibility fabric is the key component to the success of those initiatives.  AE Business Solutions sees Gigamon as having the most complete vision of what visibility fabrics need to be and we bring those capabilities to our clients.

Pervasive monitoring is driven by security, distributed applications and blind spots in an Enterprise environment.  Pervasive monitoring needs pervasive visibility, this is Gigamon.  AE sees these factors driving this emerging need:

  • Increasing Security Threats
  • “Zero Trust” Security Models: network traffic monitoring
  • Dynamically changing traffic patterns demand better visibility
  • Eliminate blind spots due to new encapsulations and encryption
  • Maintain visibility through emerging network architecture changes

AE believes that for any network architecture or security model to be successful, organizations must have the ability to “see” what is on their network.  AE Business Solutions and Gigamon deliver the right visibility fabric architecture for your current and future environments.




Gain real-time insights into the management, performance, and security of their network.


Drive efficiencies to improve communication, collaboration, and overall corporate productivity.

Many are turning towards best-in-class tools focused on performance, security, and analysis to help do this. 

But there are challenges. As data is distributed across the enterprise, IT Organizations struggle to get the right information to the right tools or IT departments interested in the data. Even within a single location this can be a daunting task. 

Regardless of where it lives, Gigamon understands the importance of critical data. We have solutions available today—from standalone visibility-in-a-box to distributed offerings extending visibility to remote locations.




Tool Proliferation
with Limited Visibility

As networks grow, so can the number of tools, and depending on placement, the tool may only have a limited view of the network traffic on which to base its analysis.


Tool Oversubscription
and Scalability

Growing volumes of traffic that may not be relevant to the tool can cause oversubscription and vulnerabilities. IT departments can be forced down an expensive
path of “rip and replace” so the tools can connect to higher speed links.


Port Contention

The limited number of TAPs or SPAN/mirror ports is causing contention across departments for access to the information.