AE Business Solutions and Quantum have partnered to implement backup, restore, and archive solutions at customers throughout Wisconsin. Quantum is an industry leader with awards in the appliance, software, and scale-out-storage markets. Quantum was recently named a Product of the Year finalist by Storage Magazine / SearchStorage.com. The Quantum DXi6900 appliance was named in the Backup Hardware and StorNext 5 was named in Storage System Software category.

Quantum offers industry-leading backup and DR solutions with products that integrate innovative deduplication, replication, and cloud technologies. Quantum archive solutions help you retain data longer and keep it accessible, leveraging technologies like object storage, intelligent tiering, and LTO. Quantum Scale-out Storage is designed to accelerate complex information workflow. StorNext 5 is the industry's fastest streaming file system.

Industry-leading Deduplication Systems 



Minimize Disk Storage

Patented variable-length deduplication maximizes data reduction providing lowest opex and maximizes efficiencies locally, in the cloud and across WANs.



Improves Backup and Restore Times

Powered by the world’s most advanced file system, StorNext® 5, DXi Software powers your deduplicated block pool for faster data deduplication and faster access to your backup data.




Protect Data Across Sites and in the Cloud

Using Quantum’s WAN-optimized replication to minimize network bandwidth and Q-Cloud™ Protect, DXi provides secure offsite data protection for as little as pennies per GB per month.


Simplify Management and Monitoring

Offering the industry’s most comprehensive and intuitive management tools enables precise business decision-making, configuration wizards, and speeds resolution time, even from your mobile device.