INFINIDAT’s enterprise storage solutions offer the performance, flexibility and reliability that are necessary to support today’s data intensive enterprises.

The InfiniBox and its range of powerful storage capabilities can be easily leveraged for addressing the management and analytical needs of Big Data, enabling access to multiple databases and sources, managing growing volumes of data and managing virtualized data center and cloud storage.

For vertical markets such as financial services and energy, the InfiniBox offers the simplicity to manage storage efficiently, the scalability to handle data sprawl, and the data protection necessary to safeguard the data.


Databases represent the backbone of most organizations. They have become the mainstream data repository for most mission critical environments. Most large companies and organizations in the world rely on Oracle, SQL Server, and other databases to store their most important data. The biggest challenge organizations face relative to an enterprise database is to maintain these databases at optimum performance and reliability without breaking the bank.

Large databases pose a unique challenge to enterprise data storage arrays by providing an I/O profile that can be unpredictable and that often overwhelms the storage subsystem. This can result in high latencies and low IOPS, which in turn increase the run time of database workloads.


Enterprise databases demand the following from its underlying storage subsystem:

  • Must have excellent performance
  • Must have excellent uptime, high reliability
  • Must be easy to use, easy to manage, easy to provision
  • Must augment and streamline administrative tasks like data replication, backup and recovery.
  • Must have attractively low total cost of ownership
  • Must have high capacity, density for today’s hyper-converged database environments