AE Business Solutions’s partnership with Netezza—now PureData System for Analytics—dates back years prior to IBM’s acquisition of Netezza in 2010. This acquisition was a perfect complement to AE’s valued partnership with IBM, which has allowed AE to deliver high quality and cost-effective solutions in the areas of Data Integration, Data Management, and Business Intelligence to address our clients’ business and technology challenges across their enterprises.

AE has seen great results leveraging IBM’s PureData System for Analytics Data Warehousing solution to meet the needs of our clients’ Business Intelligence initiatives. These clients and initiatives span diverse industries and use cases within Healthcare, Financial Services, and Communication Services, among others. The innovative, asymmetric, massively parallel processing architecture of the IBM PDA system allows our clients to realize blazing fast performance against their toughest analytical workloads.

The IBM PDA system is a true appliance that is easy to install, requires limited tuning and administration, and supports advanced security features out of the box, including self-encrypting disks and Kerberos integration. Our clients tend to realize a very rapid implementation of the platform, in comparison to its competitors, as well as a significantly lower total cost of ownership due the nature of the appliance.

The IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001 is available in a range of models to fit a broad range of data capacity needs. New to the N3001 family is a rack mountable appliance to enable midsize organizations to take advantage of the same speed and simplicity provided by the larger models in the family. Also, an 8-rack configuration is available to provide petabyte capacity in a single system.

Built-In Expertise 

  • Netezza technology that is designed to expertly manage database workloads and uses Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for high-performance processing of analytics
  • More than 200 in-database analytics functions, which support analysis where the data resides to eliminate costly data movement, yielding industry-leading performance while hiding the complexity of parallel programming
  • In-database geospatial analytics, which correlate transactional information to a location, enhancing applications such as fraud detection and supply chain optimization

Integration By Design 

  • Hardware and software capabilities specifically designed, integrated and tuned for high performance analytics
  • Patented data filtering with programmable hardware for ultrafast execution of complex queries—without the need to maintain indices, aggregates or partitioning
  • Now available with software to provide additional value in your data warehouse architecture

A Simplified Experience 

  • No assembly required – ready to load data in hours
  • No tuning, minimal administration
  • Simplified integration with 3rd party software
  • Integrated system fixes and upgrades

Advanced Security

  • Enhanced data security is provided through self-encrypting drives on the IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001 models
  • Support for the Kerberos authentication protocol

Use Cases

Financial Services

Financial institutions continuously struggle with complex data models and intricate procedures. And with today's increased market scrutiny and industry regulations, companies must comply with strict reporting requirements from the SEC, FINRA, the FDIC and other regulatory bodies to protect their assets and reputations. The PureData System for Analytics provides exchange markets and investment banks with accurate and timely compliance against ever-increasing order and trade volumes. It provides insurance companies the analytics to review claims, reduce processing cycles and increase customer retention. Retail banks get a holistic view of their customers for more effective marketing and loyalty programs. Financial services institutions across the board prevent risk, identify fraud in near real time and optimize their pricing strategies for maximum revenues and operational efficiency. Finally, investment banks, retail banks, exchange markets and insurance companies can derive new insights with the PureData System, transforming the way they do business.

Communication Serivces Providers 

Communications Service Providers use PureData System for Analytics to make decisions on investments to enhance service quality, eliminate revenue leakage, pinpoint product offers, accurately segment their customers and increase customer loyalty. The PureData System provides an analytic database appliance that was built from the ground up to handle large scale complex analytics on hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of network usage data (CDRs, IPDRs, SMS, MMS, PCMD, Network Stats, Web and Video Clicks, etc.) with data about the customers, services, handsets and profitability to provide an analytic platform for the on demand insight required in today's ultra-competitive Communications market.


PureData System for Analytics helps health plan payers combine administrative, clinical, claims and health record information they can access and analyze in a timely manner to deliver improved and effective health to the members they serve. Healthcare providers face similar challenges. Leading healthcare providers use the technology in the PureData System to generate insight, improve care, and guide critical healthcare decisions. These organizations build comprehensive repositories of clinical, financial, and outcomes information to provide staff with accurate and timely information to ensure the delivery of the best evidence-based, patient-centric, and accountable care.