Companies all around the world are adopting cloud services in some fashion and those companies share a common concern – how to manage their employee’s access to those services?  AE Business Solutions addresses that concern through our partnership with Okta by delivering a secure Identity Management solution for cloud applications.  This partnership doesn’t stop there, Okta technology provides single sign-on for on-premise applications as well.

Okta provides Identity Management for enterprises without relying on the cloud to deliver it.  Okta ties in to customers’ existing on-premise Identity Management solutions (AD, LDAPP, etc.).  AE Business has seen successful use cases such as:

  • Allowing employees to login to on-premise applications that do not natively support SSO
  • Enabling customers to provide login access to their partners and customers
  • Powering application developers to build access to their applications
  • Enhancing VPN remote access solutions with multi-factor authentication
  • Providing SSO to environments with different domains that do not have Trusts in place

AE’s clients are looking for ways to secure and manage access to cloud and enterprise applications and the AE/Okta partnership enables our clients to deliver.

A Modern Approach to Identity Management

Enable your business to grow faster, decrease costs, increase efficiency and secure your IT environment

Okta Application Network

Thousands of Apps: Pre-Integrated

Connect all your apps in days, not months, with instant access to thousands of pre-built integrations - even add apps to the network yourself. Integrations support authentication and provisioning, and are easy to set up, constantly monitored and proactively repaired.

Profiles as Unique as Your People 

Universal Directory

Extensible user profiles with custom mappings and attribute transformations. Secure and instantly scalable. Store employee or partner profiles, transform data or store users for your own online product.

An Identity Bridge as Lightweight as the Cloud

Directory Integration

The easiest way today to authenticate and manage users in the cloud, based on AD. Delegate authentication. Synchronize profiles in real-time. Use the AD security groups you already have. Centrally configured with automatic failover and no firewall changes.

Single Sign-On That Just Works

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on to all your apps in the cloud or on-prem, from any device. The Okta Application Network works behind the scenes so your users can always get into their apps.



Powerful Account and Profile Sync


Automatically provision and deprovision users based on changes in AD. Create custom data transformations with an easy to use rules engine. Drive the entire IT provisioning workflow directly from an HR system for maximum efficiency and decreased errors.

Audit? Okta and AE are on it!

Built-In Reporting

Instantly get user access records and license utilization. Know whether past employees can still get into your financial data. For even more analysis, get all your data via the Okta API or export as a CSV.