Gartner states that “Palo Alto Networks is assessed as a Leader, mostly because of its NGFW focus, because it set the direction of the market along the NGFW path, and because of its consistent visibility in shortlists, increasing revenue and market share, and its proven ability to disrupt the market.”  AE Business Solutions’ partnership with Palo Alto enables companies to benefit from this Next Generation Firewall and IPS technology.

Palo Alto’s innovative technology makes it the only technology that….

  • Scans ALL applications (including SSL traffic) to secure all avenues in/out of a network, reduce the attack surface area, and provide context for forensics.
  • Prevents attacks across ALL attack vectors (exploit, malware, DNS, command & control, and URL) with             content-based signatures
  • Detects zero day malware & exploits using public/private cloud and automatically creates signatures for global customer base

AE Business Solutions embraces distributed security models which place security and controls throughout the environment rather than focusing on only the perimeter.  AE's Architects work with enterprises to leverage Palo Alto technology to segment and secure the data center, where malicious software is targeting.  

Nextgen Firewall

Palo Alto Networks offers a full line of next-generation security appliances that range from the PA-200, designed for enterprise remote offices, to the PA-7050, which is a modular chassis designed for high-speed datacenters. Our platform architecture is based on our single-pass software engine and uses function-specific processing for networking, security, threat prevention, and management to deliver predictable performance. The same firewall functionality that is delivered in the hardware appliances is also available in the VM-Series virtual firewall, allowing you to secure your virtualized and cloud-based computing environments using the same policies applied to your perimeter or remote office firewalls.