Next generation IT requires a portfolio approach toward cloud services as IT teams strive to serve the diverse needs of the enterprise. While business units and application teams have led the way in cloud adoption, CIOs are now seeking to support these existing projects as part of their strategic direction. Meanwhile, the choice of public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures continues to proliferate, and virtualized environments are beginning to exhibit cloud-like functionality.

What Is Cloud Portfolio Management?

Cloud Portfolio Management makes it possible for enterprises to manage applications across their portfolio of clouds and seamlessly move applications between clouds as circumstances change. With CPM your enterprise can provide self-service IT, maintain control over cloud usage, and manage cloud costs.



Hybrid & Multi-Cloud

Link public and private clouds together


Lifecycle Automation

Operate efficiently from deployment to decommission.


Self-Service IT

Offer cloud services without the wait


Scalability & Availability

Deliver SLAs with automated scaling and HA/DR.


Governance & Compliance

Control your environment with visibility and policies.


Cost Management

Forecast usage and optimize spend.

Cloud Choice: Public, Private, and Virtualized

With RightScale, you can choose among public clouds, private clouds and virtualized environments for your applications. Mix and match infrastructure to meet the business or technical requirements of each application. Place workloads based on security, compliance, cost, availability, or other technical requirements. Learn more about how to support your cloud portfolio with the RightScale Multi-Cloud Platform.

Cloud Portfolio Management will help you transform your IT organization to: