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VMTurbo enables IT organizations to deliver the best application response time while maintaining the greatest infrastructure efficiency. VMTurbo’s 1,200+ customers guarantee application performance to their end users by allowing the applications (demand) to continuously select the necessary infrastructure (supply) to maintain a perpetual state of health.

Many IT organizations try to monitor and react to performance degradation before end users are impacted. Given the complexity of today’s multi-tiered applications, the abstraction introduced by virtualization, and the diversity of delivery platforms such as VDI, PaaS, and Cloud, monitoring solutions are only capable of detecting but not preventing degradation. And by this time, it’s too late.

VMTurbo Operations Manager

The patented software solution downloads and installs on a single virtual machine in under 30 minutes and discovers the entire virtual environment in a couple of hours. Armed with this performance intelligence, control is established across the entire IT supply chain including cloud services, applications, databases, and storage technologies.

Significant performance improvements are then generated and can be implemented automatically or manually. VMTurbo Operations Manager continually places and moves workloads on virtual machines where there is capacity, and increases and decreases virtual machine resources to accommodate dynamic application workloads. This automation and self-organization results in 30% faster response time on 30% less infrastructure.
Leveraging this performance intelligence, VMTurbo is also used to plan for future capacity. What-if scenarios can be evaluated by changing the application demand or the infrastructure supply to determine the right time and right amount of resources to sustain application health.