AE Business Solutions was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in September of 1949 as Lettercraft Press Incorporated. Located on University Avenue, Lettercraft Press provided custom printing, stationery and business forms for clients throughout the Madison area. Some key customers were the University of Wisconsin, Oscar Mayer, Ray-O-Vac, National Guardian Life and Mautz Paint.

In 1959, the company's name changed to Accounting Equipment Corporation to reflect a shift in technology and focus on electro-mechanical devices that provided the basis for data processing capability. Some notable business partners at that time were Burroughs, Olivetti and National Cash Register. Some of the larger point of sale installations were at Roundy’s, Piggly Wiggly, Rocky Rococo, Manchester’s and Shopko.

The advent of mini and microcomputers in the 70’s offered the opportunity to get into the software business and hire the first computer programmers. Initial customers of customized computing solutions were The State of Wisconsin, American Family Insurance and UW Madison.

In 1985, the Microcomputer Group was formed to focus on the emerging personal computer market. The business grew into the distributed and networked computer market throughout the 80’s. To reflect the emphasis on solving customers business problems with integrated technology solutions, the name was changed to AE Business Solutions in 1986. The Milwaukee office was opened in 1987 and the company began its journey to becoming one of region's top providers.

Today, AE is one of the area’s largest IT companies, with the privilege to work with a prestigious group of organizations across the Midwest.  Our corporate headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin, with regional offices in Milwaukee and Wausau, Wisconsin. 

In our 65 year history, the fundamental business model has not changed. The goal is to take the best leading edge technology and provide innovative solutions to our customer's business requirements. 

Rick Gordon - President

Leadership Team