AE Business Solutions' Data Center of Excellence 


Today’s business needs dictate that an organization’s infrastructure is increasingly more flexible. With a focus on enabling the private cloud, AE Business Solutions works with premier partners to provide our clients with solutions that enable the flexibility needed to meet the needs of their changing requirements.

AE Business Solutions works with our clients to understand their needs, and then architects a solution that will solve their business problems.  By combining innovative technology from leading vendors with local engineering services, AE is able to deliver robust Data Center Solutions that will transform a client’s business today, and into the future.

AE Business Solutions’ Data Center of Excellence (CoE) is built on innovative solutions that ensure data and applications are available, recoverable, resilient and high performing - whether deployed on premise, in the private, public or hybrid cloud environment.




Data Center Offerings

  • Service Catalog
  • Service Automation 
  • Data Migration and Management 
  • Storage Management 
  • Storage Needs Assessment 
  • Data Tiering Assessment
  • Virtualization 
  • Storage Implementation & Configuration
  • Automation / Orchestration
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Hyperconverged Architecture
  • Cloud Enablement
  • Dev/Opps Support
  • Business Continuity / DR



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AE Business Solutions' Network & Security

Center of Excellence 


Enterprise technology growth is outpaced only by the number of attacks against it, transforming security into the most critical consideration of a modern enterprise technology stack. The barrier to entry for intellectual property theft, customer personally identifiable information theft, and ransomware attacks has dropped with the availability of inexpensive phishing, malware, and exploit kits.

Corporations today are faced with internal security threats, external user-based security threats and malicious activity from 3rd-party cyber organizations targeting large corporations and assets.  Organizations can no longer afford to treat security as a “second class” IT citizen.  Reputational risk, federal/state regulatory compliance and the total cost of post-breach remediation have brought IT security to the front of the business line.


AE Business Solutions’ security practice designs and implements vetted architectures, innovative solutions, and services to build multi-layered strategies that safeguard assets and information.  AE’s Security Practice brings together best-of-breed solutions and services to prevent and resolve critical business security issues.

Networking is the backbone of the modern IT-centric enterprise.  As IT services have moved from “nice to have” to “unable to operate without”, the importance of a properly functioning and performing network has become business critical.

Creating a diverse network is a vital need in today’s environment. People need to access the Internet, communicate and share information in a secure and safe manner. 

Whether your network is wired or wireless, campus or branch office, BYOD or corporate asset, cloud or on-premises, AE delivers comprehensive solutions that address existing enterprise needs with an eye for the future.

AE has extensive, real-world experience assisting modern enterprises, focusing on mobility, application performance, network resiliency and cloud strategies.

Network Traffic.jpg



  • Next-Gen Firewall

  • Next-Gen Endpoint Security

  • Enterprise Security Architecture

  • Network Segmentation

  • Proactive E-mail Security

  • Cloud Security Strategy

  • Intrusion Prevention & Intrusion Detection

  • Identity Management


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AE Business Solutions' Business Intelligence & Analytics Center of Excellence


We live in a data-driven marketplace. The art and science of decision making has evolved. In the past, organizations were driven by complex high risk Business Intelligence platforms that historically come with high costs and extensive maintenance & upkeep.  AE Business Solutions is helping clients change the way data is delivered to decision makers and guides them toward a rapid agile methodology.  AE helps organizations of all sizes deliver analytical solutions to support the enterprise. 

One of AE Business Solutions' core values is putting our clients first. We believe in developing trust and a partnership in order to understand business needs before making any recommendations for a technology or strategy.   We offer innovative solutions from leading vendors in the marketplace.  Our team is led by experienced Architects and Engineers that are highly skilled and trained to help uncover the real value in a client’s data ecosystem.  AE Business Solutions helps our clients realize greater value from their data in a more precise and effective manner.

Data Viusalizations.png

The Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity of data in today’s marketplace is an overwhelming challenge.  The market dictates that trend will not slow down but only become more increasingly challenging for our clients.  AE Business Solutions can help improve operational efficiency within an organization and, as a result, increase productivity at a lower cost.  With a variety of Business Intelligence platforms and Data Lake repositories such as Hadoop, MPP and Cloud, we can help drive better, faster and cheaper solutions that will drive value and ROI for your business.

AE Business Solutions is focused on assisting clients in achieving a significant return on the investments made in their Business Intelligence platforms.  AE supports our clients on all technical and functional aspects including a variety of data integration and advanced analytic solutions.

AE Business Solutions - Business Intelligence & Analytics

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AE Business Solutions' Workforce Management

Center of Excellence 

A new approach to IT Staffing


AE Business Solutions’ Workforce Management Center of Excellence approach aims to bridge the gap between our clients’ Human Resources Department and Information Technology Divisions, by consistently providing highly qualified technology professionals on a contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire basis.

AE's goal is to help strengthen our client's organizations by identifying, empowering and inspiring people. 

What makes AE’s Workforce Management
services unique? 

Candidate Variety: The best candidates are not always the ones who are currently seeking new opportunities. AE’s Workforce Management Recruiters seek out the best possible candidates for each unique requirement and client, regardless of their current employment status, allowing AE customers access to a diverse pool of potential candidates.

Exclusive Resources: AE’s Workforce Management team has direct, in-house access to some of the industry’s top technology experts who are available at any time to provide guidance, support and even candidate recommendations and referrals for technical requirements. 

Emphasis on Culture/Personality Fit:  In today’s rapidly evolving technical and business climate, accurate personality and cultural fit are critical in ensuring new-hires can adapt quickly and efficiently to new environments. AE’s Workforce Management Recruiters are experts in social and psychological candidate qualifying and strive to ensure each candidate presented to a customer not only has the precise technical skills necessary, but also aligns with the clients organizational/team and growth objectives.

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AE Business Solutions - Workforce Management Image 2
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workforce Management SERVICE OFFERINGS

  • Data Analytics/Engineering/Architecture/Administration
  • Storage Analysts/Administration/Engineering/Architecture
  • IT Support (Help Desk/Desktop/Applications)
  • Network & Security Analysts
  • Project Management & Business Analysts
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics 
  • Developers/Programmers 
  • Systems/Server Administration (Linux/Windows)

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AE Business Solutions' Managed Services


AE Business Solutions’ Managed Services is a long-term solution to provide day-to-day administration and support for enterprise clients’ IT environments with convenient monthly payments. AE’s Managed Services provides peace of mind by enabling our clients to utilize their IT resources to their fullest potential. Managed Services helps put the focus back on the client’s core competencies. 

AE's Approach

AE Business Solutions utilizes local resources working at either the client’s facility or at AE’s Wisconsin offices, allowing for a customized blend of local and remote support. With AE, the client partners with a team that prides itself on customer service above all else. 

AE Business Solutions’ goal is to integrate seamlessly with a client’s processes and procedures, all the while saving the client time and money. 

Through AE’s Managed Services, clients gain direct access to AE’s team of seasoned architects, administrators, and engineers. All of AE Business Solutions’ team members stay up-to-date through continuous training and certification.  Together, the AE team has extensive experience with the delivery and administration of solutions, giving them the expertise and background to best support clients’ complex IT environments.

AE Business Solutions - Managed Services Image 1
AE Business Solutions - Managed Services Image 2

AE business solutions' Clients benefits

  • Reduced Operational Cost & Risk    
  • Local Technical Expertise
  • Current-Release Certified Engineers
  • Flexible Support
  • Predictable Expenses
  • Improved Resource Utilization

AE Business Solutions'

Professional Services

From network upgrades and expansions, to complete system deployments, AE Business Solutions can help you with any IT projects from start to finish. AE has expertise in all phases of IT service delivery and can implement a process that includes discovery, design, planning, and implementation of hybrid IT solutions designed expressly for your needs. With thousands of business IT projects under our belt across industries, including: healthcare, finance, education, hospitality,  manufacturing, and retail, AE’s Solution Architects and Engineers make sure the technology delivers the business outcomes that make our clients successful.


AE’s client’s choose our Professional Services team for the following reasons:

  • Maturing IT Security to a Proactive Posture
  • Improving Uptime
  • Refreshing Legacy Solutions to More Innovative Technologies


  • Solving Business Problems with Technology
  • Increasing Efficiancy Through Automation
  • Building on the Successes of Others
  • Managing the Data Lifecycle
AE Business Solutions =- Professional Services Image - 2

AE’s Professional Service Offerings


Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Data Visualization Creation 
  • Data Blending & Integration 
  • Data Governance & Analytics Best Practices 
  • Data Science
  • Data Architecture 
  • Training
  • Big Data & IoT

Data Center

  • Storage Health Check
  • VMware Health Check
  • Storage Implementation and Management
  • Virtual Desktop Assessments
  • Backup Migrations and Upgrades
  • Storage TCO and Economics
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

Network & Security

  • Enterprise Architecture Lifecycle Management
  • Firewall and Security Infrastructure Health Checks
  • Network Segmentation
  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Wireless Design and Deployment
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Enterprise Application Delivery