AE Business Solutions'

Professional Services

From network upgrades and expansions, to complete system deployments, AE Business Solutions can help you with any IT projects from start to finish. AE has expertise in all phases of IT service delivery and can implement a process that includes discovery, design, planning, and implementation of hybrid IT solutions designed expressly for your needs. With thousands of business IT projects under our belt across industries, including: healthcare, finance, education, hospitality,  manufacturing, and retail, AE’s Solution Architects and Engineers make sure the technology delivers the business outcomes that make our clients successful.


AE’s client’s choose our Professional Services team for the following reasons:

  • Maturing IT Security to a Proactive Posture
  • Improving Uptime
  • Refreshing Legacy Solutions to More Innovative Technologies


  • Solving Business Problems with Technology
  • Increasing Efficiancy Through Automation
  • Building on the Successes of Others
  • Managing the Data Lifecycle
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AE’s Professional Service Offerings


Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Data Visualization Creation 
  • Data Blending & Integration 
  • Data Governance & Analytics Best Practices 
  • Data Science
  • Data Architecture 
  • Training
  • Big Data & IoT

Data Center

  • Storage Health Check
  • VMware Health Check
  • Storage Implementation and Management
  • Virtual Desktop Assessments
  • Backup Migrations and Upgrades
  • Storage TCO and Economics
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

Network & Security

  • Enterprise Architecture Lifecycle Management
  • Firewall and Security Infrastructure Health Checks
  • Network Segmentation
  • Wireless Site Surveys
  • Wireless Design and Deployment
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Enterprise Application Delivery