Financing with AE Capital

Providing cost-effective, customized financing solutions for technology equipment, software, and services.

Why Finance?

Given the rapid change in technology and post-pandemic economic uncertainty, we provide customized leasing solutions to offer maximum flexibility and capital preservation. Consider these reasons to finance:

  • Preserve cash and accommodate budget restraints
  • Lower total costs of ownership with operating type lease structure
  • Life cycle management: Hedge against the risks and high costs associated with obsolete IT infrastructure
  • Ability to bundle software, licensing, and professional services
  • Flexibility to add or delete equipment/restructure at any time

Financing Options

Sales Leaseback
Deferred Payment Plans
Restructuring of Current Lease

Lease Structures

Term Agreements

We offer term agreements to accommodate a variety of timeframes, for example 24, 36, 48, or 60 months.

End of Lease

As the lease term comes to an end, AE Capital provides options: return, purchase, or continue to lease while leveraging tech refresh options.

Finance Size

Leases can range in finance size from $10k to over $10MM, depending on your organization’s needs.


Let's Work Together

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