Cloud & DevOps

Helping infrastructure and security teams build secure and scalable application delivery pipelines and cloud environments.

Modernize with Cloud-Native Architecture and Platforming

Whether making or migrating applications, we empower organizations to modernize with cloud-native architecture and platforming. We also help infrastructure and security teams build secure and scalable application delivery pipelines and cloud environments.

What is the Best Way to Build a New Cloud Environment?

Building out a new cloud environment can be challenging: How do you provide guardrails for developers without getting in their way? How do you achieve the same visibility and security capabilities you have on-premises, in the cloud? How do you design reusable pipelines with security already baked in?

Forward-Thinking Security Solutions Tailored to Your Business Goals

Our Cloud & DevOps practice will help you deliver on your cloud and DevOps objectives while upskilling your team in the process. Our unique, collaborative approach brings your team along for the ride while we build out your environment. Specific offerings include:

  • Public & Hybrid Cloud Platform Network, Compute, and Data Architecture & Engineering
  • Cloud-Native Application Architecture & Engineering
  • Cloud-Native Application Security (CNAPP, CSPM, CWPP, Shift-Left, Secrets Management)
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management, Role Based Access Control, Account/Subscription Design
  • CI/CD & Deployment Pipeline Development
  • Automation using cloud-native tools
  • Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP) Certified Architects & Engineers
  • Resident Architecture, Resident Engineering, Professional Services

What Sets Us Apart

Collaborative Approach

We help grow your team’s skillset while delivering on project objectives.


While we recommend best practices, we'll adapt to the needs of your organization. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all consulting approach.

Unique Blend of Talent

We bring not only cloud & DevOps engineering skills to the table, but also deep security experience.

What Sets Us Apart

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Our Vendor Partners

We’re not tech agnostic — we’re too opinionated for that! We know what works, and we’ve carefully vetted a portfolio of recommended solutions. We're proud to partner with vendors that offer the best solution for our clients and their situation.

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