Purchasing Terms & Conditions


Prices stated are in US Dollars. Prices may be quoted exclusive of tax and freight.

Taxes and Freight

Applicable taxes and other charges payable by buyer will be included on the invoice and may be billed as separate items on the invoice. Buyer is responsible to pay AE Business Solutions for any applicable taxes unless a proper tax exempt certificate has been provided.

Delivery Location

Unless otherwise stated by Buyer, all Goods will be delivered to, and all Services will be performed at, the address specified in the Purchase Order or Statement of Work during Buyer's normal business hours.


Unless otherwise stated in a master agreement between parties, payment terms are net 30 days from the date of the Invoice from AE Business Solutions.


Pricing and Quotes provided by AE Business Solutions will only remain valid for the time period as indicated on the quote.

Purchase Orders

Unless a quote is signed by an authorized agent of the buyer, a quote will not constitute a binding order. Buyer will need to provide AE Business Solutions with a Purchase Order referencing the quote. No orders will be placed by AE Business Solutions without a Purchase Order or signed quote. All purchase orders are subject to acceptance by AE Business Solutions. Purchase orders can be emailed to orders@aebs.com.


The Purchase Order shall be deemed accepted by AE Business Solutions upon the ordering of goods from Vendor or rendering of services ordered.

Changes to Purchase Orders

Generally, changes to accepted Purchase Orders are not allowed unless previously agreed upon by AE Business Solutions and Vendor. Requests for changes must be made in writing.

Cancellation of Purchase Orders

Once a Purchase Order or binding quote has been accepted by AE Business Solutions, it cannot be cancelled.

Professional Services

All AE Professional Services purchased on Purchase Order will require a fully executed Statement of Work prior to the start of any services to Buyer.

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