Meet AE's Q3 2023 Quarterly Rockstar

December 6, 2023

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While giving kudos are a part of everyday life at AE, the team at AE takes time each quarter to specifically celebrate team members who display AE’s Core Values and promotes AE’s culture. The recipients of the Rockstar Award are AE’ers that have gone above and beyond in their daily work lives, helped their colleagues during tough times, propose and find solutions, and do it all while laughing and having fun along the way.

To continue fostering a positive culture, AE started the Quarterly Rockstar program in 2022. Since then, AE continues to trend positive in employee morale and engagement. While receiving recognition for our own Top Workplaces awards is wonderful, what really confirms that AE is a fabulous place to work is the tenure of the people who work here. The average tenure at AE is 10.5 years! We are so proud of the longevity of the team here, it’s important to keep that going!

Ask anyone at AE what they like most about working here and the response will be, “the people.” Ask anyone at AE what makes AE unique, and the response will be, “the people.” It’s the people that make the phenomenal talent at AE. It’s the people that make the thriving culture at AE. AE continues to celebrate team members by giving shout outs on weekly calls, celebrating wins together and awarding a Rockstar Award quarterly to those who have done an excellent job at representing AE’s Core Values!

AE’s 2023 Q3 Rockstar Award Recipient is Dan Yatzeck. Dan has been a member of the AE team since February 2020 and plays a vital role on our Solutions Engineering team!

Here are a few of the kudos Dan has received over the last year from his colleagues:

  • Shoutout to Dan, the value he has shown is working hard and smart, and taking care of family. Thank you for your networking project work. You're doing great work and putting the client first.
  • Shoutout to Dan, he was on a call with a client who was expressing that one of their team members were going to be out of office and Dan immediately asked how he could be of assistance, and offered to be onsite and didn't hesitate to find a way to assist while the client's team member was out.
  • Dan worked very hard over the weekend on a refresh with a client. That project has gone well thanks to him. The client's team has been involved, but without Dan's guidance, they would not have been as organized.
  • Shoutout to Dan, taking ownership, showing respect, he has really met several values that AE lives by. He closed the project and it was the most seamless project we've had yet.
  • Thank you to Dan for a job very well done. There was a planned cut over and in the process of the planning, Dan discovered there could be a glitch. The client avoided a huge hiccup thanks to Dan, nice job!
  • Shoutout to Dan, the work he did at the client was fantastic stuff, great work on leading the project!
  • Thank you to Dan, in looking at our access engagement he worked on firewall configurations alongside the team. Totally owned the project. Thank you for going above and beyond!
  • Dan is ninja for Dance Dance Revolution!
  • Thank you to Dan for an artifact he produced. The quality was so high and content was so thorough that the client said it looks better than anything they would have done themselves.
  • Shoutout to Dan! We appreciate you and clients really enjoy working with you!
  • Every engagement we have is critical to show AE's value, Dan, great job showing we can engage and deliver on the first meeting, driving out value. The clients can feel how we differentiate.

Dan shared a bit more about his role and working at AE Business Solutions - "I support our clients as a Security Solutions Engineer, which means I help with implementations of network security products, provide guidance in troubleshooting efforts, and examine IT systems for best practice compliance – basically anything in the network security space that needs assistance. I’m thankful to have the respect of my colleagues, and the trust of my clients, sufficient to make full use of my unique skillset in an environment I love to explore. Thanks to my team and all of AE for being engaging, collaborative, and an elite assembly of the best minds in the field."

Congratulations, Dan! We enjoy seeing the passion and drive you have to continue to learn, achieve goals, and help clients. Thank you for living out our company values day-in and day-out. Your ability to persevere and meet goals is inspiring! Despite any barriers you face, you always pull through and drive amazing outcomes. Thank you for being on Team AE!

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